Saturday 7 June 2008

Little Devil!

Mommy woke up today packing my bag while daddy was still sleeping. Daddy got back very late and did not sleep until around 0500hrs this morning figuring out why the listing in ebay isn't selling! Anyway my bag is packed and I am ready to roll. Hopefully mommy take a photo of the bag before we leave. It weight about 14kg, on the top part of the bag is only my diapers and the bottom are my cloths, toiletries, medicines and some milk powder in packets (courtesy of Dr. Khoo @ Britannia Women & Children Specialist Centre). I would need another hand carry bag for the 35 hour flight from Kuala Lumpur (0100hrs) to Lima (2255hrs) (stopping over at Johannesburge, Cape Town and Buenos Aires)

In the afternoon, daddy drove me and mommy to Mid Valley to change some US Dollar since the rate for the past week wasn't very good but the rate today was only slightly better at 3.258 to a dollar. Then after changing money, mommy took me to play at the houses just outside Toys 'R' Us and I scream at some other girl that were trying to come into the house. I did the samething again at MPH, I ran over to a girl and started screaming!

Lunch : Steam Rice with Vegetable Soup
Dinner : Steam Rice with Steam Egg @ Madam Kwan's

Some photos taken today

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