Saturday 8 March 2008

12th General Election

Today marks the Malaysia's 12th General Election since the independence in 1957. Daddy did not had a very good sleep since he slept very late last night and woke up very early to vote. But his trip to the polling booth wasn't very pleasant because both the motorcycle tyre got flat when we arrived at the petrol kiosk and daddy had to send the bike to a workshop to get it replaced. Anyway he manage to cast his vote before noon and got back home after that.

Daddy promised to take me swimming today but unfotunately he had to meet up with a friend at Pavillion so I did not manage to go swimming but instead some shopping in Pavillion. Initially mommy wanted to go so Jusco to get her backpack for our trip but the sales mention but the assistant has not started yet. Guess would have to wait till the sales start before we get it.

We got back home early today since daddy was excited to know the election result.

No photos taken today again.

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