Friday 21 March 2008

Finishing Photobook

After weeks of compiling, finally mommy finished the layout of the photobook so it can go for printing. I have also manage to hit 9,999 page views for

Auntie Aey wanted to go back to Mid Valley to buy a pair of shoe from MCKY since it was on 70% discount but daddy suggested to go to their outlet shop. Anyway since it was 70% it can't be any cheaper. Anyway daddy wasn't free to pick up mommy and auntie Aey if they had gone to Mid Valley as daddy was going to meet up with some of daddy's classmate, Uncle Francis, Uncle Gavin and Uncle Seth who just come back from the states for a short holiday in KLCC.

Tomorrow daddy will bring us to Malacca to visit Uncle Khee Wai and Auntie Jac.

Some photos taken today

Click here for more photos in slideshow.

Today's Movie - Krung Thep Ratree (กรุงเทพราตรี) - Bangkok At Night

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