Wednesday 12 March 2008

My New Carrier

In the morning daddy asked mommy if she wanted to meet daddy in KL for shopping but mommy was too lazy so daddy left for work early again to. In the afternoon, daddy called mommy if mommy wanted to meet daddy and again mommy told daddy it would be too difficult since she had to prepared anything for me yet.

So daddy went to check out mommy backpack and carrier first in Jusco One Utama, but they do not have it in this outlet which then, daddy drove to Jusco in Mid Valley since he had reserved both. When he first got there, the sales person told daddy that the bag mommy wanted has been sold since and the carrier that daddy reserved has also been sold. Daddy was very dissapointed and told the sales person to order since it the bags were on 20% discount.

Just as the sales person was going to put in the order, he first found mommy's bag and then later he found the carrier as well but in a different colour. Initially daddy just wanted to get mommy's bag but then again, since Jusco has a return policy, it would be safer to buy the carrier as well and if mommy didn't like it, we can return it within 7 days.

It was definately a good buy and also my eleventh month birthday present. Will try to get some photos on my in the new carrier.

Some photos taken today

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Anonymous said...

อยากเห็นนิวcarrierจังค่ะ ^____^
น้องผมดกมากกกกกกก อยากให้จินโซลผมดกแบบนี้เวลาเค้าโตขึ้นจังค่ะ