Thursday 13 March 2008

Auntie Aey Is Here

After days of talking, Auntie Aey finally took the bus from Hat Yai to come here since she is having her summer break. Daddy picked up Auntie Aey at Puduraya around 1930hrs after she called daddy and mommy.

Now I starting to crawl properly all over the places and start making noises when I am left alone in the baby cot. Why can daddy and mommy leave me on the floor and crawl by myself. Its so boring staying alone in the cot all the time.

Since the carrier daddy bought yesterday could be return within 7 days, daddy went over to carry Ser Kai, 4 years old and 13kg could fit nicely in it and no problem at all. She said it felt compfortable except for some discomfort around the shoulder because it was adjusted to my size actually, but after losing it, it was fine.

Mommy is also very anxious to see my bottom two teeth since it is clearly visible now and also busy doing a photobook of my first year.

Some photos taken today

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