Monday 31 March 2008

Shopping On Monday

This morning while I was sleeping I rolled of the bed again. Mommy only realise when I started crying loudly, while daddy did not even realise that I fell until the morning when mommy told daddy about it.

Daddy woke up around 1200hrs and mommy ask daddy if he could drive me, mommy and Auntie Aey to Mid Valley since Auntie Aey had to meet a friend. We left home around 1300hrs after I had my lunch and arrived around 1330hrs. Mommy bought me a new toy from Carrefour but I dropped my favourite pink cat. Anyway daddy asked mommy to check the price for a new video camcorder, Panasonic HDC-SD9. Does anyone know how much are they selling it for in Hong Kong or Macau? Retaining here in Kuala Lumpur at RM2,799.00.

Daddy come to met up with us around 1930hrs and left Mid Valley around 2100hrs.

No photos were taken today

Today's Movie - Jumper

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Anonymous said...

hi baby, how are you now? When are you going for your next swim. I just came back from waterpark stampark at stutong. Had a quick splash. Still not so good in free style.