Sunday 16 March 2008

Trekking In FRIM

As promised by daddy yesterday, me, mommy and auntie Aey went to FRIM in the morning so that we could arrive there before the last signing in for the canopy walk at 1330hrs. Entry to FRIM is RM5 for the car plus driver and RM1 for each additional passenger. It was a long drive from home and neither, mommy, daddy and auntie Aey had any time to eat breakfast and we at 1200hrs to get out Canopy Walk entrance ticket at the souvenir centre opposite the information office. The canopy walk ticket cost RM5 for adult and RM1 for kids (they actually charged me).

After getting the ticket, daddy thought of having something to eat first before starting the walk but the canteen at the entrance to the Rover Track is close so daddy drove into the waterfall area to get some burgers. We, or daddy, mommy and Auntie Aey started walking around 1240hrs going up by the waterfall route. It was an easy walk for the first 150m, with proper path and steps but the path dissapears after a while and daddy lead us to a wrong path. Anyway we manage to find the correct path and it took us about 1 hours to reach the canopy walk entrance hut. On the way up, a british man carried me up for a while until I started crying as he wanted to try carrying me on a carrier.

The canopy was built in 1992 with the help from the German Technical Cooperation and it has been the main attraction to FRIM. It hangs over 3 platform with a total of 150m one-way walkway build with aluminium ladders, wood planks, steel cables, netting and and ropes at 30m above ground. The first of the 3 platfrom could only hold 4 person, second platform could hold 8 person and the last platform could hold 4 as well. On the second platform, Twin Tower, KL Tower and Menara Telekom in clearly visible. Some strict rules had to be followed such as no one person should stand together and each person should be 3m apart from each other.

The walk back was much better since it was downhill but when we arrived at the Rover Track, daddy followed the advice of 2 men and took the long way back arriving back at the car at 1500hrs. The walk up and down from the carpark took us 2hours and 20mins. I actually fell asleep on the way back. Climb is quite steep and can be streneous. Remember to bring along water, mosquito repellant and a good walking shoe and would be good to being another set of cloths to change after the long walk.

Daddy then drove to 1 Utama since mommy could not get in touch with Auntie Jin for dinner near Genting Highlands. Only until around 1700hrs when Auntie Jin called back to ask us if we wanted to go for dinner there. We then met up with Auntie Jin and Uncle Hueng at Restaurant 126 at Kampung Bukit Tinngi.

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Krung Thep Ratree (กรุงเทพราตรี) - Bangkok At Night

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