Monday 17 March 2008

Monday Blues

It is just another Monday morning, waking up around 1100hrs since I was out almost the whole day yesterday. Daddy left for work early again since he was busy setting up some press conference tomorrow. This Thursday is a public holiday and daddy is suggesting to mommy to take a drive up to Fraser Hill since it has been a long time since daddy last been there. Coincidentally, there was an article about Fraser Hill last Friday in The Star. Anyway will depends on mommy if we are going or not.

Another place daddy thought of going is Bukit Cahaya in Shah Alam. Will see what happen.

Mommy has also finished doing the photobook for me and it should go into printing this weekend. I will try to upload the pages of the book in PDF and put the link here as well. Daddy drove mommy and Auntie Aey to Tesco after dinner to get me more milk powder, Similac (Step One) has increase in price and now is retailing at RM60.00.

No photos were taken today since daddy forgot to charge the camera battery last night.

Today's Movie - Krung Thep Ratree (กรุงเทพราตรี) - Bangkok At Night

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