Sunday 23 March 2008

Daddy Is Very Sick

Daddy got very sick since early this morning after we got back from Malacca. Daddy think it must have been the satay celup daddy had but later daddy got a call from Uncle Khee Wai that Auntie Jac had mild diarrhoea as well. Daddy is not not sure if it was cause by the satay celup or could it have been the cendol which has been served with coconut milk.

Daddy stayed at home sleeping almost the whole day since he did not have a good sleep but manage to watch part of the Formula 1 race which was held in Sepang. But after the race finished daddy suggested to go to Mid Valley to get my photobook done but instead of getting the book done, mommy got angry with the staff in the Machines since none of them could help mommy with it for almost 2 hours.

Some photos taken today

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