Saturday 15 March 2008

My First Visit To Zoo

Daddy woke up early again today thinking it was a working day. I think daddy has gone mad.

Anyway, I woke up wth mommy around 1100hrs and mommy suggested to go to the zoo today since Auntie Jin and Ser Kai would be interested to go as well. We left for the zoo in the afternoon getting there around 1530hrs. Today it was my first time trying on the carrier (Deuter Kid Comfort II) as well, it was okay but I am always seated to one side which may be cause by the way daddy put it on from one side. Also the strap around my shoulder kept rubbing against my neck and shoulder and causes a little irritation but other than that it was okay.

The animals in the zoo is quite good as well, looks healthy and quite active unfortunately, the compound isn't very clean with rubbish visible around the lake and walking path. There isn't much toilet available and not baby friendly as well and the train ride roof were leaking as well. The aircon in 2 of the waiting room were not functionning as well. It was very unlucky for us as it rained around 1630, about an hour after we arrived. Entrance fee into the zoo,
Adult : RM15.00
Concession : RM6.00 (3 - 12yrs old / senior citizen)
Baby : FREE
Map : Click Here

For more information about the zoo, click here. I think a lot of improvement need to be done. But anyhow it is still a good place to go for a family outing.

We met up witn Auntie Mona later in the evening for dinner. Daddy is still pestering Auntie Mona to join us for the South America trip. Daddy is thinking of going to Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) located in Kepong and try the canopy walk.

Some photos taken today

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