Sunday 1 June 2008

10 Days To Go

I will be leaving to South America in less than 10 days but daddy has yet to booked the first night accomodation in Lima!

Daddy was going to take me swimming but instead daddy slept almost the whole afternoon. While daddy was sleeping, I tried to wake daddy up but instead, I got scolded and started crying. When daddy got up around 1730hrs, it was already too late for swimming but anyway it rained today so anyhow I would not have been able to swim. Grand Auntie Lui Yun come over to visit me since it has been a long time since she came into the house.

I left for Mid Valley today since mommy could not buy my milk powder last night it Tesco, and mommy needed to get contact lens solution and an elastic for my shorts but I got myself a new pair of Bubbergummer shoe from Bata for this coming trip.

Daddy was also surprise today that the milk powder that I drink (Gain Plus Advance Eye-Q) was out of stock in Carrefour as well! But we manage to get it in Jusco but at RM6.00 more than Carrefour / Tesco (RM79.99) per 1.8kg tin.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Vegetable Soup
Dinner : Steam Rice with Steam Egg and Vegetable

Some photos taken today

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Anonymous said...

wow so nice can go on a vacation. Can get something for me? Do get some of the air there as souvenir can?? haha. just's such a great idea to write what's for dinner and lunch at your post. i think i will write the way you do.. credits to "My Beginning". Continue to take care and don't forget to drink more water ya!! Do you watch Dicey Business over Wah Lai Toi? Good series tho.