Thursday 10 December 2009

Eight Day Renovation

(I took this photo of mommy @ KLCC Park)

The house renovation is going on well and currently the contractors are covering the holes on the floor after removing the parquet. Tracy's father has also installed the piping for the rear bathroom with new pipes. Anyway daddy need to get additional stop cocks for Tracy's dad later to install. Daddy was actually going to buy new water heater today but unfortunately the pipe installation is not done yet.

Daddy then dropped us off at Suria KLCC to walk around until daddy get off work. We had lunch in Madam Kwan's since daddy thought it would be nice for Aunty Yam to try some typical Malaysian food, Nasi Lemak. Mommy got some present for Grand Aunty Pearl as well for Aunty Tar's baby, Caotang , since I got a new set of dress from Aunty Tar. Aunty Yam brought me a Hello Kitty soft toy from Bangkok as well. After daddy picked us up at KLCC, we drove to Jalan Ipoh since daddy needed to get some additional bathroom fittings before going for dinner.

After dinner, instead of going for shopping, daddy drove us to KL Tower, 5th tallest tower in the world (after the CN Tower in Canada, the Ostankino Tower in Russia, the Oriental Pearl Tower in China, and the Borj-e Milad in Iran), since mommy has not been up before either. The entrance for adult is RM38.00 with complimentary, Animal House, Pony Ride and F1 Simulator. Had a great time riding on the Pony!

We drove back home after that since Aunty Yam felt tired and did not want to visit Petaling Street.

Lunch : Dumpling Noodle @ Madam Kwan's
Dinner : Mixed Vegetable with White Rice

Some photos taken today

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