Friday 4 December 2009

Second Day Renovation

Since yesterday incident, today the contractor decided not to use water to remove the parquet instead of knocking it out by hand slowly and did not have any surprises today. We had an additional worker today removing the parquet. The workers manage to remove the master room and they are starting on both the rear rooms. Both tiling on both toilet has been removed as well and ready to install the new tiles on the wall once daddy get it from the shops.

They have also removed the sinks and toilet bowl as well. So daddy would need to start shopping for toilet bowls and sinks for the toilets. Tomorrow daddy will call the contractor and ask him for the correct measurement for the wall to buy the tiles. Hopefully tomorrow the contractor would be able to remove all the parquet from the floor.

In the evening when daddy got back, we went to a glass shop to enquire about a glass stairs railing but were refered to a stainless steel specialist instead. Daddy will call them tomorrow to enquire on prices. Below is something daddy would like to do,

Lunch : Noodle with Mushroom Fish Ball Soup
Dinner : Rice with Fried Broccoli and Prawns

No photo were taken today.

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