Sunday 6 December 2009

Fourth Day Renovation

Today is the forth day, but is an off day for the workers and nothing was done today since yesteday but when we went to the house in the afternoon we realise that there worker did spray some water on the stairs, which they hope it will be easily remove when they return tomorrow. Daddy wanted to visit Uncle Dan's baby todaybut unfortunately we were unable to do so because Uncle Dan had to work and our plan changed.

We went to the first glass shop just outside the house to enquire about the stairs railing and this shop knew what daddy wanted and quoted daddy RM200 per feet run for 2ft high and 12mm thick, which daddy thought it was towards the highside since we had to make more than 24ft in lenght. After that daddy drove to Kajang Prima to get some cash from HSBC, when we found another glass shop which can so it for only RM120 per feet run (excluding the stud to hold the glass), the price different is almost RM100 per feet run for 2½ft high and 12mm thickness, we could save up to RM2000 if the second shop gave the correct price. Anyway will make an appointment for the second shop to give a more accurate quotation. Daddy will still need to find some nicer glass connectors if possible. Another photo of the glass daddy is going to do.

Since daddy and mommy haven't had their lunch, and were lost of idea what to eat, daddy thought of driving to USJ to visit Aunty Ou since Uncle Raymond told daddy once that were is a good thai restaurant in Taipan USJ. Unfortunately, Aunty Ou and Uncle Raymond was busy so we decided to eat around Seri Kembangan, and it was the worst restaurant we had, even we were really hungry. It was a RM2 vegetarian restaurant, daddy had a bowl of curry noodle which tasted like a clear soup noodle, while mommy had mixed rice with ladies fingers, beancurd and petai topping. The ladies fingers was too old, the beancurd was tasteless but luckily the petai tasted pretty alright. Daddy and Mommy did not manage to finish the food!

After that I suggested we go to SunwayPyramid, my favourite shopping mall, but was warn by mommy that I cannot request for anything. I had a good time there since I participated at Harveys Norman 6th Anniversary Celebration, unfrtunately daddy was actually buying a new camera when I went on stage. We bought a new Panasonic DMC-FS42 camera for RM499 since Uncle Edmund borrowed our SLR for his holiday in Morocco. This is quite a simple camera with face recognition and it was light, I even took some photos with it.

Lunch : Steam Pomfret with White Rice
Dinner : Fried Chicken with Ginger Onions and Lotus Root Soup with White Rice

Some photos taken today,

Click here for more photos in slideshow.

Today's Movie - Endgame

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