Thursday 24 December 2009

Twenty Second Day Renovation / Penang First Day

It's Christmas Eve today. We left home around 1000hrs for Penang with a brief stopover at the house to see the progress of the renovation. The table top now is done with all the side patched. Aunty Tracy's father would need to come over to drill a tape hole at the stainless steel sink which the contractor will charge daddy for it. Anyway daddy also decided to get the plaster ceiling contractor to change the plaster ceiling for the porch since the plaster ceiling for the toilet area is too small, and they would need a minimum charge.

We left the house at noon for Penang, since daddy couldn't decide on a few things and I was starting to get reckless, must be the hunger since I did not have much for breakfast. The drive to Penang was smooth until we arrived at Juru toll plaza when the traffic started to build up. But we arrive at the house, Sri Sayang, just before 1800hrs even with a brief stopover at daddy'soffice. Because Grand Aunty Pearl had gone out shopping, we waited at the restaurant downstairs for her. Grand Uncle Andy, Uncle David, Uncle Charles and Aunty Selina arrived just before 2000hrs after a terrible jam coming back from golf. Since we were all hungry we decided just have dinner by the food court along Batu Ferringhi.

After dinner, Grand Uncle Andy and Grandy Aunty Pearl drove back first since Grand Uncle Andy was falling asleep, daddy then decided to take a drive to the new Hard Rock Hotel. We were all impress with the swimming pool, it had sands actually at the bottom of the pool, which was something very new! The hotel was also full of people, most of them were just like us, walking into the hotel just to have a look!

We drove back after that since all of us were tired.

Lunch : Roast Pork Rice
Dinner : Fish Ball Noodle

Some photos taken today

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