Tuesday 8 December 2009

Sixth Day Renovation

Daddy got a surprise this morning when the contractor called daddy to informed daddy that the 1st floor rear bathroom "collapse"! It wasn't collapse but there was quite a bad crack on the floor and they were asking if I wanted to remove and change whole concrete, which will definitely cost a bomb. Anyway daddy suggested to add a few more layer of water proofing instead, which might do the job, hopefully?.

Anyway Tracy's daddy came over to do up the water pipes and daddy got a new stop cock or globe valve at Jalan Ipoh since we are doing a whole new piping for the rear toilet. Hopefully we would be able to finish the job within the next few days so we can start the water proofing and then tiling.

All floor parquet has been removed as well as the metal railings on the stairs. Hopefully we would be able to get the hard wood contractor in soon after the water proofing. The glass guy did not turn up again today and daddy is thinking if he can do it.

Later in the evening daddy got home and picked me and mommy up to check out some new shoplot since mommy decided to open a new centre teaching clay works for children above 4yrs old. The rental for 1st floor around Sg. Long and Bandar Mahkota is Rm650 - Rm1000 depending on location. After checking out the shoplots we drove back home, and the contractor forgot to turn off the water pipe at the top floor toilet and water was dripping down onto the ground floor at the entrance, luckily, mommy realised that the contractor forgot to turn off the water pipe, if not the whole ground floor would have been badly flooded!

Lunch : Prawns with Minced Pork and Spaghetti
Dinner : Prawns with Minced Pork and Spaghetti

Some photos taken today of the renovation works,

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