Saturday 12 December 2009

Tenth Day Renovation

Nothing was done today since the plumbing work is not done yet, hopefully it will be done in the next couple of days so the contractor can start laying the tiles.

Today, Aunty will be flying back to Bangkok but daddy needed to buy some tiles as well, so we left for Guocera Showroom at Section 19. We spend about 2 hours trying to pick the tiles for all the bathrooms, eventually we found the tiles for the bathroom downstairs but because they do not have existing stocks, daddy thought it would be better to buy the tiles from Jalan Ipoh instead.

We left for airport around 1500hrs since Aunty Yam was feeling very well since the ride in Genting Highland. We got to the airport around 1600hrs and had some roti canai on the 2nd floor, Food Garden, before sending Aunty Yam off the departure gate.

We drove to see some curtains around Nilai Square before driving back home around 1830hrs when I started to feel uneasy. When I got home, I did not stop crying for almost 30mins, until daddy had to drive me to Alamanda. We called Aunty Yam and she arrived safely but still feeling sick. Hopefully she will get better tomorrow.

The tiles we choose are,

QF331E (30x45) - Reflection Insert Reflex Espresso

Q348C (30x45) - Reflection Olive

K948D (30x30) - Reflection Latte

Lunch : Fish Paste Noodle
Dinner : Thai Steamboat @ Johnny's Alamanda

Some photos taken today

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