Monday 7 December 2009

Fifth Day Renovation

Finally today they manage to remove all the parquet on the first floor as well as the stairs, and the workers are in the midst of checking the bathroom flooring for leakage, which daddy do not understand why since we are already doing water proofing anyway. Maybe the contractor is trying to identify the leakage just above the main door on the ground floor.

In the morning daddy also met up with Aunty Tracy's daddy, Uncle Loh, who does plumbing, and we have decided to re-lay a whole new set of pipes for the bathroom at the back with a new water heater as well for both bathroom at the back and upstairs rear bathroom. Guess daddy would need to shop for a new water heater as well now. Tomorrow Uncle Loh will be coming over to hack the wall to add in new piping for the master bedroom washroom before doing the other toilets.

In the afternoon, daddy drove to purchase 65pcs of Ipoh marble with pinkish at RM4.50 per piece from Eurostone @ Jalan Ipoh, but the installation per piece is still RM15 which is incredibly high! Daddy will be asking the contractor for a slight discount for the marble installation. Daddy now face a problem with the toilet bowl now as, the distance from the wall to the outlet center is 22", which currently there isn't any toilet bowl with this lenght. There are 2 brands which daddy is thinking, either Toto or Johnson Suisse

Daddy also just found out that the room in Genting this Wednesday cost RM325 per night so, daddy decided not to stay a night so we will be driving back after going up to Genting immediately after Yam arrive

Lunch : Minced Pork Mushroom Noodle Soup
Dinner : Fried Minced Pork and Broccoli with White Rice

Some photos taken today

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