Saturday 5 December 2009

Third Day Renovation

We left early this morning to meet up with Uncle Ricky and Aunty Emily to discuss about Cosway in Thailand since Uncle Ricky is still trying to penetrate the Thai market with mommy's help. We were suppose to go to Jalan Ipoh to get some bathroom fittings for the renovation but because daddy forgot to bring the cheque book to pay for the flooring deposit, daddy had to drive back home to pick up the cheque book. Since we were already back, daddy thought of getting a quotation for the staircase railing but instead daddy hit a dead end when the stainless steel shop told daddy this has nothing to do with them but actually it is done by the glass shop, daddy was stunned. Before driving to RvWoods at Sri Hartamas to pay a 40% deposit for the hard wood flooring we stopped by at home to see what is the progress so far, currently, the parquet at all rooms has been removed and all the workers are cleaning the walls in the toilet to lay a layer of cement. Seems like it took much longer than expected due to the water problem we had on the first day.

After paying the deposit at RvWoods at Sri Hartamas, we drove directly to Atria Shopping for the Corelle, Corning Ware and Pyrex warehouse sales since daddy wanted to get a few other balance which we did not get during the last warehouse sale. Luckily this time they had a full range of the product we were looking for, except this time around not many things was being sold. We also got 2 set of baby playmate for Uncle Dan, which was born early this morning (0318hrs) and Auntie Kwan baby, to be born sometime around Feb.

Since we were around this area, daddy suggested to take a drive to 1 Utama since it has been sometime since we went to 1 Utama. Hope we can get a camera soon before AuntyYam arriving this coming Wednesday.

Lunch : Fish Ball Noodle
Dinner : Chicken Terriyaki at Pasta Zanmai

No photo were taken today.

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