Friday 18 December 2009

Sixteenth Day Renovation

Its a holiday and a shopping day. We went out in the morning to the house to meet the electrician whom did the wiring for Uncle Cheng's house but the price quoted was more than what the Astro Installer quoted a few days ago to daddy. Anyway we stayed at home for about 2 hours before meeting up with Uncle Wei Siong for Char Siew rice at Salak South Garden. We arrived around 1400hrs and daddy thought everything would have finished, but luckily there was enough for us, a mix of Char Siew, Siew Yok and White Chicken.

After lunch, we walk behind to Kuan Hoi Trading, supposingly the importer for Baco brand (cannot find it on the net, daddy suspect could be a made in China product) since daddy saw a few tapes which could be right for the basin daddy bought. The design that daddy likes does not have the right height and the ones which has the right height wasn't what daddy was looking for. As daddy was chatting with the sales lady, I went out with mommy to see 2 chinese disabled men, one blind - blowing a chinese flute and another wihout a pair of leg sitting on a makeshift board to push around with his pair of hand. It was quite a sight, lots of people took the chance and stand outside the road to see what is going on.

After that we drove to Jalan Ipoh again since daddy need to buy the toilet bowl for me and the ground floor bathroom. We got a Toto toilet bowl for my bathroom and a Johnson Suisse for the bathroom downstairs. For more information on toilet bowls, click here. Daddy manage to fit both toilets into the car! Since both shop charges for delivery.

We left around 1800hrs and drove back the toilet bowls back home since it would be too heavy to drive it around inside the car. We decided not to go anywhere since daddy was tired.

Lunch : Char Siew Rice
Dinner : Herbal Soup Noodle

Some photos taken today,

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