Thursday 3 December 2009

First Day Renovation

Finally, we started renovating the house today but started off with a bad start when the water use to remove the parquet flooring upstairs sipped over to the neighbour house and flooded the guest room on the ground floor. It was so bad that the paint in the neighbour's wall started to look like money bag. It was lucky that our neighbour discovered it when they got home if not the damage would have been much worst. Anyway to rectify this problem and to prevent it from happening again in future daddy decided to put a layer of water proofing along the wall with the neighbour.

Anyway, my bathroom tiles has been removed totally and tomorrow they will continue removing the table top tiles as well as the parquet. Hopefully the water today will help to remove the parquet flooring.

Daddy has also confirmed the flooring for upstairs with RvWoods with the following wood,
Family Room (222sq. ft)
- Burmese Teak T&G - 12mm(T)x95mm(W)x300mm–1500mm(L)
All Rooms (629 sq. ft)
- Java Teak T&G - 12mm(T)x50mm(W)x200mm–300mm(L)
- Burmese Teak Stepboard - 25mm(T)x300mm(W)x4ft(L)

We still have a problem as mommy and daddy has not decided on the stairs hand railing design.

Tomorrow Auntie Tracy's father was supposed to come over to check the water piping but because unfortunately he is unable to do so because he is tight up with some other project. Hopefully we would be able to remove all the tiles and parquet by end of this week.

Lunch : Fried Egg and Soup with White Rice
Dinner : Fried Egg and Soup with White Rice
(mommy's cooking is getting boring)

No photo taken today.

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