Wednesday 23 December 2009

Twenty First Day

Today the workes did not turn up again, guess they might be busy patching up other places instead. Any the electrician came today and daddy discuss about there to add power points and new light points. Daddy also found out that the fan downstairs isn't working so we will need to buy a new fan soon.

Mommy almost finish packing our cloths since we will be driving to Penang tomorrow. In the evening, daddy came back to pick us up since mommy had made appointment to meet up with a real estate agent to rent a shop for mommy's little business, selling baby cloths, i-clay, maternity clothing and clay class.

Since we have not get any present for Uncle Charles we drove to Jusco Cheras Selatan to get Uncle Charles a present. We didn't know it was Jusco day, the traffic was actually quite bad but daddy manage to find a parking within 10mins, which was very lucky. We also met Uncle Wei Siong and Han Lin at the mall.

Lunch :
Dinner : Fish Ball Noodle @ Mahkota Cheras

No photo were taken today.

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