Tuesday 15 December 2009

Thirteen Day Renovation

Finally the piping work finished today while the contractor started putting layers of water proofing cement for both 1st floor bathroom. The contractor also made the hole for the laundry basin to sit in while waiting for the tiles to arrive tomorrow, hopefully.

I went with mommy to attend the 1st 3hours clay class today in Berjaya Time Square and I ran around the shop and met some new friends, especially one, an 18 months old, Yang Yang. Daddy came to pick us up at 1600hrs and drove to Jalan Ipoh to pick up the stainless steel sink by Pyramis since there is no other way to change the wall mounted water outlet at the kitchen sink. After picking up the sink, we drove immediately to the airport since Uncle David would be arriving from Melbourne at 1830hrs. We left Jalan Ipoh and took about an hour to the airport, we saw an accident along the highway while it was raining heavily, just before the accident, the car actually overtook us on the left.

Anyway we got to the airport at 1930hrs to pick up Uncle David and drove back home to pick up Grandpa and Granny for dinner.

Lunch : Dry Noodle with Roast Pork and Pork Dumpling
Dinner : Asparagus Prawns with White Rice

No photo were taken today

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