Sunday 10 February 2008

2 More Days To Mommy's Birthday

It's just 2 more days before mommy's birthday and me turning months old.

Early this morning daddy left and met up with Sei Kau Kung and his friends for breakfast at "Zhing Jia" which is famous for its pigs intestines, liver, stomuch, and blood! Actually I wonder why daddy would go for it as it already sound disgusting. Daddy actually waited for more than 15mins to get a place to seat and another minimum 30mins for the food to arrive! Very unlike daddy which he would have just walk off the restaurant.

For lunch daddy met up with mommy and granny to have "som tam (ส้มตำ)" for lunch at mommy's favourite restaurant. We had some wonderful dishes which Sei Kau Kung and his friends had never tried. I am not sure if they really enjoyed but hope they did. It was a pity that I did not take any photo because daddy was rushing so he forgot to take the camera along.

After lunch, daddy initially wanted to join Sei Kau Kung for a massage but he missed the sms so instead he went around Hat Yai, getting mommy's new driving license photo, buying Kiki's (dog) food, have Tub Tim Krob (ทับทิมกรอบ), mommy's certificate of fitness from a clinic and daddy drove me to Bangkok Hat Yai Hospital for a second opinion which I normally do when I am here. I was given a new cream for my mosquito bite and doctor says that my growth is fine and everything is fine.

Then in the night, daddy got very angry because the van he organized to fetch Sei Sook Kung and everyone did not turn up, or wort did not call to inform that the van will not be available since it was still on the way from Phattalung. Daddy thought it would have been sorted out because the van was actually belonging Sook Kung (mommy's uncle) tour company but instead, he did not even call back to inform that the van was not available. Guess daddy will not trust anything from Sook Kung ever again! Anyway, daddy manage to get another van for an additional of only 200bt around the corner from Golden Crown Hotel.

We then left for daddy's favourite seafood restaurant in Koh Yo, Silada Seafood Restaurant.

Daddy remembered to bring the camera for dinner but I am sure he must have forgotten he brought the camera after van incident so no photos were taken during dinner.

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sapphire blu said...

morning baby, auntie still feeling sleepy after sending mom to the bus station for the 4.50am bus. came back had a nap till about 8am but now dunoe why it is like sleep is never enuf for me today. hope u cont having a gr8 time. When are u going back to KL? take care and happy journey wherever you go.