Friday 8 February 2008

Second Day Of Chinese New Yeaw

Daddy woke up early this morning to returnt he portable air-con her purchases from Jusco a few days ago since it did not work like how daddy thought it will work. For the price, it would have been better to purchase an air-con split unit.

Granny and Grandpa went to Lumut with Great Uncle Andy and Great Aunty Pearl since it will be too hot to stay at home as well. Daddy wanted to drive and visit great granny grave but he was too sleepy so he slept at home since he had to drive Hat Yai later in the evening.

The drive north to Hat Yai (หาดใหญ) was quite good since there wasn't much traffic along the way and the border crossing was quite empty as well except for 2 stretches around Juru which the traffic was quite bad. It is actually quite good to drive other than the jam around Juru pass this time as most people would cross the border earlier in the morning. Daddy drove directly to Carrefour as he wanted to get either an air-con or air cooler for the room as it can be quite hot in the night.

No photos were taken today.

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Anonymous said...

hi baby, auntie flying back to the west afters. Do pray for me yar. Hope you will get more angpows until the 15th day.. sure I will give you and angpow if i see you.. take care and stay cheerful.