Tuesday 19 February 2008

A Tuesday

Today it was another usual day for me except I start to put my hands together similar like Chinese New Year Greetings.

During dinner, mommy took me to Ser Kai house again as I was eating too slow at home now, getting a naughtier day by day. So mommy thought it would be good to take me over to feed me dinner as Ser Kai would be around to play with me. Initially Ser Kai would called me "Nong" Aeryn but now she calls me "Luk" (child) instead.

When daddy got back, mommy wanted to ask daddy to take us o Tesco to get milk powder as it is going to finish but instead, mommy thought of going tomorrow.

No photos where taken today.

Today's Movie - Rai Ridsaya (ร่ายริษยา เพลงละคร)

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Anonymous said...

hi hi tomorrow gonna be the final day of cny. will be flying back to the east. do pray for auntie yar.thanks. hope u continue to have fun. take kaer.