Thursday 28 February 2008

Still Renovating

The drilling continued today when our neighbout starting to remove all the flooring at the porch. This is going to continue for a few more days for sure.

Mommy today also started to let me walk on my own holding on to Toon's bed and I manage to do it on my own neatly. I hope I could walk on my own when I travel to South America if not daddy would have a tough time carrying me all the time.

Daddy was suppose to come back earlier today after a live TV broadcast but he only got home around 2100hrs to pick mommy out to Da Zhong for dinner! But daddy manage to find a copy of Lonely Planet "South America on a Shoestring" at the Curve. Guess we will need to pick it up soon.

Well Auntie Saphire, my bruise is still here but haven't got any new ones today. Really not sure if it was cause by those 'things'.

Some photos taken today

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sapphire blu said...

i feel so honoured when you mentioned my name here. I will continue to ask around what causes that but I may be just a belief. oh yeah just finished boiling ABC soup. Scoop out a bowl for you and I will have mine later tonight. Take kaer.

Anonymous said...

If our body is lack of vitamin C it is prone to being easily bruised and sometimes bruises may have something to do with the blood vessels. Not to worry much yar baby, drink more vitamin C from orange juice is good for you. Sometimes my skin gets a bruise for no reason also.. haha