Sunday 17 February 2008

Uncle Marc and Auntie Vivian's Wedding

Today I attended daddy's friend, Uncle Marc's wedding. Uncle Marc is daddy's classmate during the secondary years before he left to further his studies in New Zealand together with his sister, Auntie Melanie. It was a beautiful wedding as it was done outdoor by the poolside at Hotel Equatorial Bangi. Daddy and mommy actually wanted a wedding dinner outdoor but granny and grand aunties thinks is a bad idea. Anyway daddy is happy to see Uncle Marc is married to beautiful Auntie Vivian. Unfortunately because daddy and mommy was rushing to the dinner, they forgot to bring along the camera.

Before we went for the dinner, daddy drove to Alamanda to get some contact lenses since daddy had finished all of it without any spares. Instead of just buying the lenses, daddy got himself a new pair of glasses but mommy kept saying it was expensive to do it here but since this would be the first time daddy doing a new glasses with proper power.

Before we went back, daddy got an ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbins for mommy's birthday which was on Feb 12th.

Some photos taken today

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