Wednesday 6 February 2008

The Eve's

Today is the eve of Chinese New Year and we are all gear up for the reunion dinner at home. We went out for a drink in the afternoon as it was too hot to stay at home.

As for Sei Sook Kong, he stayed at home preparing the dishes for dinner which we were having french fries, sausages and bread outside. By the time we got back, dinner was almost ready. Sei Sook Kong, cooked nine dishes,
1) Steam Fish
2) Fried Salted Egg Prawns
3) Rendang Beef
4) Lemon Chicken with Taufu
5) Steam Egg with Scallops
6) Vietnamese Springroll (mommy helped to roll them)
7) Waxed Duck
8) Fried Vegetables
9) Soup

After dinner daddy drove out to Jusco in Ipoh to get a portable air-con since I could not sleep well last night.

Some photos taken today

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