Wednesday 20 February 2008

Daddy Back Home Early

Daddy got home much earlier today since he forgot to bring along the power adapter to work today, as usual.

Later in the evening after mommy finishes her drama, daddy drove us to Tesco to get more milk powder. Mommy also got some prawns, dried squids, lime and spring unions to make Yam Sam Krob, daddy's favourite thai salad.

Later in the night, daddy is checking the MATF Promotional Airfare to Melbourne. Am I going?

Some photos taken today

Click here for more photos in slideshow.

Today's Movie - Rai Ridsaya (ร่ายริษยา เพลงละคร)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so are u going along? have u put on any weight during this cny? I have..haha..cny season always makes me put on some weight.