Wednesday 27 February 2008

Ghost Or I Hurt Myself

Well the drilling and hammering is still going on and do not seem to stop anytime soon. Mommy also notice that they have removed all the bathroom fittings and left it outside the house. So I guess the torture will continue for the next few days. But hope it will be stopping soon.

Something strange happen to me today again as I got another patch of bruise around the same area and I have totally no idea how I got it. Mommy was looking at me throughtout the whole time and I did not hurt myself in any way. Ser Kai did not hit or pull me as well? But Auntie Jin did mention to daddy and mommy before that they have the Lao Baby Ghost Spirit or known to the Thais "Kuman Thong (กุมารทอง)". These baby spirit are suppose to be the guardian of the house and bring luck to the owner if they make daily offering, and it is also known that they like playing with other kids. Well you decide!

Some photos taken today

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Anonymous said...

how is your bruise? is it healed? I have heard of people saying when a person has bruise on the skin it maybe due to(ghost pinch)However not sure how true is it tho.