Monday 25 February 2008

Noisy Morning

It was a nice sleep in the morning until around 0900hrs when our neighbour started renovating with drilling and hammering. It was so noisy that mommy and daddy woke up and complaining about the noise generated. I wonder how many more days this will go on and just hope that they will start a little later instead.

In the afternoon, mommy took me over to Ser Kai house since Auntie Jin made Som Tum and they had Som Tum party again. Do not know why mommy love it so much, guess I just have to wait and taste this to see what so special about this dish.

After dinner, daddy drove me and mommy to Alamanda since he had to collect his new glasses from Focus Point which daddy ordered a week ago. It was red and colour and mommy choose it. Daddy also was looking for South America "On A Shoestring" by Lonely Planet but can't seem to find it at MPH. Edit: I am 14 now and I tried Som Tam. I love it so much but daddy still doesn't. Som Tam has a mixture of taste is sour and sweet. It is spicy but I learned that I could actually ask for no spice!

Some photos taken today

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