Friday 22 February 2008

Buenos Aires Here I Come

Finally daddy made up his mind today and bought the tickets to Buenos Aires in June. Daddy thinks its a good deal since it was like buying one and getting another ticket for free. As for my airfare it was only RM290.00 + RM34.00 = RM324.00 for KUL - EZE - KUL.

It was a crazy day when daddy was trying to call the Embassy about the visa information for Mommy. All the phone number listed on the net for the Argentina Embassy is wrong and only manage to get it after calling the telecom directory for help, even the white pages from the telecom isn't correct. After daddy called them, the consular office is close for the day but mommy manage to contact the Argentina Embassy in Bangkok for details and the good news is she does not need a visa for both Argentina and Brazil.

As for me today, followed mommy over to Ser Kai house for mommy's "Som Tum" party, Auntie Jin makes very good som tum.

In the evening mommy wanted to buy some fish from Tesco but changed her mind so we stayed at home.

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Pra Jan San Khun

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Anonymous said...

hi baby, auntie today feeling a bit nausea after marketing do pray for healing yar. thx baby. u take care yar. have fun.