Thursday 7 February 2008

恭喜發財 - Kung Hey Fatt Choy

My first Chinese New Year and I collected the first Red Packet from mommy and daddy. Then I got even more when I got downstairs from granny and grandpa as well as great granny and all the great aunties and uncles.

Then in the afternoon, because it was too hot staying daddy took mommy and Uncle Jeremy with me out for a drink at Old Town White Coffee at Greentown. The service was so bad that the waiters was actually seated together around the service counter chatting instead of getting orders from customers. Anyway daddy came here because his favourite is closed for Chinese New Year.

Later in the evening, we went for our family dinner in Tai Thong at Heritage Hotel. Daddy could not believe when he saw the size of the table which was allocated for us. We had 12 person including me on a high chair, the gave us a table which is only good for 6 - 8 person. I think daddy will never going to patronize this restaurant in future. We had an 8 course chinese dinner which normally would last for 2 hours but because the were serving it so quick, we finished our dinner barely in an hour.

Some photos taken today

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