Friday 1 February 2008

Floating At Pool

Since it was a holiday so daddy thought it would be good to take me to the swimming pool as there would not have a lot of people in the pool today. When we arrived it was drizzling and daddy thought we might not be able to swim anymore but it stopped after a while.

This time I manage to stay in the float on my own without much problem and I enjoyed every moment of it. Guess this time because there wasn't anyone around me splashing water and running around me. Hope daddy will take me to the pool again soon and this time with mommy instead.

Later daddy drove us to Suria KLCC since he had a meeting there.

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Aum Rak (อุ้มรัก)

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Anonymous said...

hi again baby, so happy to see your comment at my blog.. whenever you are free do drop by again ok? just love reading yours and I will link you.. so that I can read more of you everynow and then. is it ok?? wah u like the pool too? at this old age i only want to start to swim..people says swimming is the best exercise ever. do tell me more about you k? will link ur name at my blog. keep in touch baby.. da cheers for now..