Thursday 14 February 2008

Daddy Office Broke In Again!

In less then 2 weeks, daddy office got broke in again. This happen early in the morning when Auntie Emily called daddy to inform him that the office doors are opened and Auntie Janice is afraid to enter because she was alone. So daddy changed and drove straight to office and saw that the grill gate is bend and the thieves actually crawl underneath to get the the main door. But this time they did not get away with much stuff since daddy got notebooks instead of desktop which they were after.

Anyway because daddy was also down with a bad flu, he locked up the office earlier so that he could go back to sleep for a while before a dinner at Ser Kai house for Tiān Gōng or Jade Emperor prayers. Luckily this time I met another friend who is 15months and she was actually only 1kg more and we were about the same height, which mommy says I am taller. So I am not bad after all actually.

Anyway Happy Valentine Day!!!

Since daddy was so sick, he did forgot to bring the camera over for dinner.

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