Wednesday 13 February 2008

More Ang Pow

As usual, I slept through the morning again, refuses to wake up until mommy woke me up around 1100 in the morning for my first feed. Well daddy gone to work much earlier today as he had some catch up since the office was close for almost a week.

Later in the night, granny ask us, mommy and daddy as well to visit Yee Kau Kung. Coincidently Auntie Pei San was there as well so I got an extra Ang Pow today. Granny initially thought of visiting Sei Kau Kung as well but he has gone out so we might only be visiting them tomorrow or Friday.

Anyway, Uncle Mohammed or known as Mohd. Akhbar was murdered 2 days ago. He was actually Tai Ku Poh driver and he also advice Grandpa on my passport issue last year. It was so unfortunate that I did not have any photos taken with him on the last dinner. Hope the murderer will be brought to justice soon.

Daddy needs to get a new HDD Video Recorder soon.

No photos were taken today.

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Anonymous said...

May you have a wonderful time with your mommy and daddy.