Tuesday 12 February 2008

I Am 10 Months Old and Happy Brithday Mommy!

It was a good morning as I slept through the morning until noon before mommy came and woke me up for breakfast or lunch actually. Initially daddy thought mommy was going to take me with grandpa to include my name into the family book but instead I woke up so late, and daddy wanted to leave soon so I did not manage to include my name into the house book this trip.

We left home around 1420hrs (MST) and we only arrive in Kuala Lumpur around 2100hrs and daddy drove straight for Bak Kut Teh since mommy wanted to have it and it was her birthday. The border crossing in the Thai Immigration again is so congested and I am not sure why hasn't they improve it with all the people going across all the time. I heard mommy was saying that the Thai Government is trying to improve the service sector of the government department but with this I am not sure if they are going to succeed soon.

Overall the drive back from the border was pleasant, not much vehicle on the road except for the Tanjung Malim - Rawang stretch, no proper signage for roads diversions.

Granny and Mommy packed so many different type of food stuff back to Malaysia, Kanom Jin Noodle, Kra-Pow leaves, rice, papaya, banana, and so so much more. Hope we will finish them all before they spoil.

Some photos taken today

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Anonymous said...

what did u buy for your mommy yesterday? a big birthday kiss for her ya?? so you had a good cny trip. When will be ur next trip to your grands' place? regarding about my cooking, nah..i just simply cook only haha. pix may look better than the real food.take kaer.see ya around

Anonymous said...

is your birtday the same day as your mommy's..?

sapphire blu said...

eh i made i mistake. haha wrong counting so your bday should be April 12. wah wont be long then will be ur bday.. u are going to turn 1 soon. will i be invited?