Friday 15 February 2008

Daddy Is Still Sick

Thought daddy was going to stay at home today since his flu got worst last night. He could not sleep well but he had to go to office since the people were coming to fix the door in the morning. Because daddy is so tired with all this break-in, he replaced his wooden door with a new security metal door with 12 locking mechanism which will be difficult to penetrate. But one more time if the thief is able to penetrate then I am sure daddy will move the office. Anyway daddy got back home earlier as well to rest.

After dinner, daddy ask granny if we were going to visit Sei Kau Gong since daddy had to pass a bottle of liquor which Sei Kau Gong ask daddy to bring back from Hat Yai. My cousin Harriette was around as well and she is about the same size as I am or maybe heavier! You be the judge from the photos taken below.

Hope daddy gets better tomorrow so I could go swimming.

Some photos taken today

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Angels said...

nice idea for the blog..
keep posting..

Anonymous said...

morning baby. How are you today? What time did you sleep last night? Auntie can't sleep well. Guess due to the nian gao.. ate too much already. I pray to the Lord your daddy will be get well soon. It's really tough to cope with when one is having flu.

Unknown said...

halo, sorry to hear that ur dad office security has been compromised. May i ask what brand of the security door your dad has installed? just wanna take some experience ppl advice for the product as my house also been broke in and i m thinking of installing the steel security door.........anyway may god bless you n your family

Aeryn Chow said...

Uncle Wallace?,

Sorry to hear about your place being broke in as well. The security here is getting from bad to worst.

Daddy himself is not sure about the brand of the metal door but daddy bought his from a locksmith in Taman Segar for RM1800.00.

Hope this help.

Baby Aeryn