Sunday 24 February 2008

It's A Swimming Day

Today daddy took us for swimming again since daddy couldn't drive us there yesterday. But this morning I made a bigger achievement when I stood by myself unassisted for a couple of seconds. I hope I would be able to walk unassisted as well soon.

Mommy could also see two more upper teeth coming out and it wouldn't be long when I can have my whole set of baby teeth. After swimming, daddy drove to Wen Ser granny's house in Taman Maluri since we have not visit them for a very long time. We had dinner together after that at Hakka Restaurant.

Daddy then met up with Uncle Capt. Sani, just passed his captain examination so I have to call him Uncle Capt now, at KLCC to collect an adapter. Auntie Yvonne just got back from Buenos Aires as well and she say everything there now is very cheap since the exchange rate is in our favor. Hopefully we have more time in Buenos Aires to do my shopping.

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Pra Jan San Khun

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Anonymous said...

did you watch the 80th Annual Academy Awards just now? Guess what I did not move from my sitting postition for more than 3 hours. No Country For Old Man got the award of the best motion picture of the year. I guessed it wrong.I tot it was another movie.take kaer baby.